Responsive Warrior`s Guide to Resilience

Releasing Worry, Stress, Anxiety and Avoidance

During this unique time in our history, please take the time to remind your sub-conscious to support your conscious.  Make positive statements such as: "I am grateful that I am ALLOWED to be ALIVE & WELL, here on Earth, in my HEALTHY form, as (place your name here), with Love and Grace, so be it!" 

Blessings to you and your family!

This training is a marvelous personal adventure and wonderful group workshop, both fun and effective in realizing the paths we create that lead to worry, stress, anxiety, panic and avoidance.  

Many easy skills/tools can be brought into the home or workplace to ensure personal peace and life enjoyment through the Responsive Warrior's Guide to Resilience Training. 

Discover the deepest energy imbalances and release them so you can find your centre and feel revitalized!

Release stuck energy that maintains the conditions that leave you feeling unmotivated, trapped, fearful, lacking abundance, security, and more.

For over 32 years, Cheryl Jiala Driskell has studied a psychological-spiritual approach to helping individuals achieve excellent health and overall happiness.  Her healing work is well-known and her testimonials include clients and students from across Canada. 

She also now trains individuals in deep spiritual surrender - leading to greater awakening; she offers group workshops in many areas such as cultivating the Heart Light path to Excellent Health & Happiness and she is a Registered Integrative Naturotherapist (RIN), Intuitive Counselor and Energy Therapist. Cheryl is a highly trained/qualified Healer, Naturotherapist, Wisdom Teacher/Trainer and treasured Sufi Elder/Teacher in the area of Ottawa ON, Gatineau & Wakefield Qc.



Reach OutFor that Deeper Healing of Your Body, Mind, Emotions or Heart! 

A work in progress

Cheryl`s Books

  • Learn to manage your mind gracefully
  • Notice how Compassion makes you happy
  • Recognize that your mind constructs are not the truth for everyone
  • Allow attachments to fall away

Insight Intuition

Awakening Spiritually Through the use of Intuition

Many have left sessions and/or workshops feeling amazing and ready to take on the world with renewed hope, skills, awareness, inner-peace and the motivation to ensure a healthier and happy life.  Have a look at these testimonials and read the stories of those who have ensured that this path has been tested                                            for you.

Tips for Self-Compassion in Action

With Cheryl Jiala Driskell - Registered Integrative Naturotherapist, Author, Spiritual Wisdom Teacher

​& Sufi Healer

Community, Corporate and Government Workshops in Resilience...Releasing Worry, Stress, Fear, Anxiety, Panic and Avoidance

  • Practice daily surrender work to open your heart and have a better life
  • Notice how being grateful just feels great
  • Witness life's experiences without reacting... respond kindly
  • Breathe in and out deeply for improved health

Intuitive Counseling and Energy Therapy

Embrace the workshops that will assist you in your personal and professional life as well as those that allow you to be your greatest support person. Workshops in Anxiety Reduction-Developing Resilience, Reiki and Unveiling Your Heart are accessible and will offer you wonderful skills that you can use for a lifetime.

Sessions and Fees

Child and Youth Reiki

For Parents and Teachers

Be In Your Heart

A Course and Book to gently support your Heart`s surrender.

Online BIYH Course

​For In-Person Sales