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You are in an ever growing relationship with yourself.  

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Reiki sessions

& Heart Whispering

"I have some good news! I have been declared to be in remission.  Woohoo..."  

About Cheryl

The centre of our intuition, our spiritual awareness and our deepest inner peace starts with the energy of the Heart.

Testimonials & Cheryl's Books

With Cheryl jiala Driskell

Discover the deepest energy imbalances and release them so you can find your centre and feel revitalized!

What are you seeking in a spiritual, emotional/mental advisor?  Would you like assistance finding your path or managing it?  What makes your heart soar?  Is it open or blocked?  The answers are right under the surface...

Intuitive Counseling and Energy therapies

Reduce stress & anxiety while entering deep relaxation. Also bring your mental/emotional self into balance.​


COunseling & Energy therapy

If you would like to learn the basics of Intuitive Counseling and Energy Therapies please have a look at my short video introduction.