Love and Compassion

Love is unfelt without positive action.  Compassion is that action in it's countless expressions.  Pir Nur can assist you in witnessing and expressing compassion for yourself and others until you feel loves full abundance.

Pir Nur Un Nissa 

Pir Nur was born Cheryl Driskell in Hamilton, On, Canada in 1966.  Her life has been devoted to understanding the world and the 'Oneness' since she was young.  She now specializes in awakening wisdom work as seen through her books and courses.  We invite you to discover the many levels of your 'self' with Pir Nur.

Observance & Unfolding

Listen to the higher wisdom within. This is your greatest guide until you unfold into the Oneness again.  Pir Nur can assist you with this process.

AWAKENING is a MOMENT to moment journey... life is far more easy to navigate in awareness