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Pir Nur's Mission

The light within is the same as the light without... unfolding one in awareness of the other is a magnificent way to live.  Join me in this spiritual unfolding.

She has had a few teachers since then through the lineage practice of silsila. Her teachers are dear to her and she has been welcomed to teach and help support the peoples of the World as they evolve into greater awareness.

Pir Nur has also studied the philosophies of the Buddhist and Mystical Christian paths. She honours the Hindu, Advita, Taoist, New Thought & Unity teachings that she have also been included on her path.

Unfolding Awareness of Pir Nur 

Pir Nur works from the Light of the Heart which she has experienced as the most pure and true centre of all that is.  Her work from here is a great unfolding treasure.  She notes that her Sufi way is unique in that she refers to the ONENESS as the Consciousness we are in constant experience with.  Also called the Creator/God/Allah/Brahma/Tao. 

Pir Nur believes that ALL people are where they need to be in this moment, and as they are to be, and as such they are to be loved as they are.  Nothing unfolds outside of awareness.  

About Pir Nur

What Pir Nur Offers

Pir Nur Un Nissa is a Sufi teacher originally working with the philosophies and practices out of the Chisti Sufi Order of the West.

Pir Nur Un Nissa

A teacher for Seekers of truth, understanding and wisdom, through awareness of awareness.

In 2006 Pir Nur was guided that she would open a school one day.

That school opened in 2013 as the Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development.

She has since been guided that she will one day open a Tariqua/Spiritual Order and Centre.  This is an evolving journey seeking fruition...

She has also founded the Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario and Co-founded the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada.  She later assisted a colleague in the unfolding of the Friends for Life Program in Canada, which is a universal child and youth resiliency teaching accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO), coming originally out of Australia.

*Pir (peer), teacher or guide.

AWAKENING is a MOMENT to moment journey... life is far more easy to navigate in awareness