Intuitive Counseling and Energy Therapy

Fee Structure for Sessions

Sliding Fee Available for Single Parents and People Living With Disabilities

Intuitive Counseling and Energy Therapy Sessions

In-Person, Skype or Phone

Insurance Receipts are Available for Sessions

VIDEO:  Intuitive Counseling and Energy Therapies

With Cheryl Jiala Driskell - Registered Integrative Naturotherapist, Author, Spiritual Wisdom Teacher

​& Sufi Healer

VIDEO:  Why Work With an Intuitive Energy Therapist and/or Spiritual Counselor like Cheryl?

Intuitive Counseling and Energy Therapy Session

One and a half hour session $150 

(receipts provided for insurance)

Reiki Session

One hour $90

(receipts provided for insurance)

​"I have personally experienced numerous paths to health and happiness.  After all that I have seen and known I can say with ease that I will always count on Intuitive Counseling and Energy Therapies. Especially the release techniques that help us to relieve our self of so much unnecessarily trapped or lower energy."  Cheryl 

The body, mind and spirit work in tandem with one another. When one is imbalanced the others go out of alignment as well. We can become forgetful, resentful, angry, fearful, easily frustrated, depressed, disconnected, spiritually exhausted, or feel weakened, tired and physically ill.

Finding the way to bring about balance, connection and wholeness is crucial. A part of you within, already knows how to do this. That aware part of you can intuitively be asked to make itself known, so the primary patterns responsible for your discomforts can be released through energy work. Looking in to embrace the entirety of your healing potential is the key to re-establishing your equilibrium!

As a Reiki Teacher, Intuitive Counsellor and Energy Therapist, Cheryl can assist you in better understanding the psychological and spiritual issues that are causing you physical or emotional discomfort. She will do everything she can to help you feel connected, whole and at peace! Cheryl is also available to assist individuals in the steps to their greater spiritual understanding and unfolding.

What is an Energy Session Like?  

(In Person, Phone or Skype)

Sessions can be very exciting and adventurous! You have the opportunity to explore the many aspects of yourself, your life, the world, meaning, purpose, healthy, happiness, and on...

During an in-person session, the room is filled with a healing energy frequency, you (the client) will lay upon a massage table, where you can be most comfortable and relaxed. (Sitting if on Skype or Phone) Cheryl will speak with you throughout the session and ask you to repeat various words or phrases for release of energy. Together we will learn the immediate areas of concern that can be attended to.  All energy releasing and balancing occurs gently without overt effort. 

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a hands on healing technique that utilizes conscious life-force energy to support the gentle releasing of stuck and stagnant energies in your body and energy fields.  Reiki moves in the same way radio waves travel through time and space to support television and radio, except the practitioner is the antennae that guides the wave to the client. The outcome is always one of peaceful surrender and restfulness, allowing the body and mind to heal at the pace they were intended to for your highest good.