Pir Nur is available for spiritual awareness guidance sessions.

These sessions are an evolving experience.  What you learn is for a lifetime.  You may have a couple of sessions and then bring what you know to your daily practices and life.  That may be enough or you will meet again a year or so later for further support and guidance.

The first meeting is on zoom. 

Sliding fee: $60-$300 CAD

One hour and a half.

AWAKENING is a MOMENT to moment journey... life is far more easy to navigate in awareness



​"I am forever grateful for your time and for your guidance. I will always remember all the tips and exercises that you gave me." C.C. 

 "I found her emails to be wonderfully instructive as they clearly demonstrated her vast knowledge and experience. I was touched by her loving and compassionate nature, which really shone through!" J.M. - Toronto  

 "I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get here. I am so grateful for the way you were able to help me shift my energy, my mind set and really give me some tools to do all of this. I certainly don't think this brings our time together to a close, I will be back to see you for a session soon!"  

S. from Ottawa 

 "You are a light in my life and the teacher I have been looking for for a long time!  Thank-you so much."  Student by Nova Scotia (via skype)  

"Dear Cheryl, thank you so very much for all your marvelous work and help, you are a true source of light  for me when I feel all is dark around me.  Feeling better today, slept better than I have had in weeks."

A. from Toronto (skype client) 

​"Thanks for yesterday, it was a great session!... Thank you for leaving me energized and exhilarated."  

N. from Montreal (skype client)