​​Pir Nur un Nissa (Cheryl Jiala Driskell) - is a Sufi Teacher/Counselor, 

Spiritual Wisdom Teacher, Registered Integrative Naturotherapist,

Workshop Leader and Author

​​​​The Benefits of Cheryl's Various Workshops...

Wonderful and Knowledgeable Teacher! Thank-you! 

Stress and Anxiety Management Training - 2021

Dear Cheryl, 
Thank you for offering this class (Intuitive Development). I am really enjoying it and loving your presentations. I am not much of a night person, but I find the time just flies by. Your compassion and enthusiasm are infectious. Much love, M. - Ottawa 2021 

Thanks Cheryl for all your wonderful courses - keep them coming! My growing insights are shaping up into more positive things. I did that releasing exercise of all my hurtful, humiliating experiences. After that, I discovered that I truly forgave the people involved. So now I am able to move on and have new love to give and share. Nepean/Ontario

​Cheryl's insights, engaging discourse and generous desire to share her profound knowledge make her workshops a truly enjoyable experience. She is an inspiring speaker who provides powerful messages about how to attract and manifest the true gifts of life and love. I have learned so much from her course and my intuition has grown considerably - I have been amazed at my growth spurt - thank you for teaching me the tools to harness that.  Nepean/Ontario

I took Cheryl's Love and Light workshop in 2010. Her unique insights and theories around the essence of life and the universe were deeply inspirational and grounding for me. Unlike many other workshops or trainings I've taken I have found the teachings to be easily applicable and they have stayed with me and continue to guide me in my every day life.   Calgary/Alberta

I have had other Reiki teachers that do not compare with the commitment and wisdom that Cheryl radiates in her Reiki Training classes. The information is in depth and at Levels III and IV, in particular, requires strong commitment from the student. The Reiki energy sessions she gives the student in Level III Training are invaluable and really help further prepare the student to be an open channel for the Reiki flow. Gatineau/Quebec

Not only did I learn all three Reiki levels through Cheryl, but I also gained valuable insights, was directed to enriching authors, and guided at every step to develop my own intuitive approach to Reiki. Through Cheryl's teachings, I have learned to work with energy in amazing ways I never imagined possible.                     Nepean/Ontario

Cheryl is an excellent Reiki teacher. I took levels I to IV with her. She is very professional and knowledgeable and she does not hesitate to share her expertise and experiences to make the course interesting and enjoyable. The courses are very comprehensive and when one finishes the courses, one is ready to start a Reiki business in a responsible manner. I would recommend her to anyone wholeheartedly.                       Blackburn Hamlet/Ontario

When I started my Reiki Training I was truly a beginner but Cheryl was with me every step of the way! This training changed my life and helped to illuminate my path!                                 Centretown Ottawa/Ontario

Cheryl's Intuitive Development Workshop was wonderfully organized and clearly outlined practices to develop intuition. Cheryl's personal intuitive abilities gave the class an authenticity and depth that radiated to each student. My intuition has awakened, thanks to Cheryl's workshop.   Gatineau/Quebec

By attending the Love and Light workshop in February 2012, I was able to understand more about the love found within the light, and I am now more at peace and have a lot more compassion for myself and others. Through the Intuitive Development Workshops in December 2012, I have learned to listen to my higher wisdom and have developed more confidence and trust in myself. I have also found tools to protect myself and so much more...   Gatineau/Quebec

​​​​The Benefits of Pir Nur - Cheryl's work as a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive & Naturotherapist

"I am forever grateful for your time and for your guidance. [💖] I will always remember all the tips and exercises that you gave me." C.C. 2021

"My Tutor was Cheryl and she provided very thoughtful and detailed feedback in a most timely fashion. I found her emails to be wonderfully instructive as they clearly demonstrated her vast knowledge and experience. I was touched by her loving and compassionate nature, which really shone through!"

J.M. - Toronto  2020

"I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get here. I am so grateful for the way you were able to help me shift my energy, my mind set and really give me some tools to do all of this. I certainly don't think this brings our time together to a close, I will be back to see you for a session soon!"  S. from Ottawa  2019

"You are a light in my life and the teacher I have been looking for for a long time!  Thank-you so much."  Student by Nova Scotia (via skype)  2019

"Dear Cheryl, thank you so very much for all your marvelous work and help, you are a true source of light  for me when I feel all is dark around me.  Feeling better today, slept better than I have had in weeks." A. from Toronto (skype client)  2018

​"Thanks for yesterday, it was a great session!... Thank you for leaving me energized and exhilarated."  N. from Montreal (skype client)

"Thanks so much for all your help in my life!  I am feeling really good."  T.J. - Ottawa

"Words cannot describe the profound value of Cheryl's intuitive work. She is truly gifted and has not only enriched my life through her intuitive energy therapy, but has also enabled my partner to feel "reborn" and my friends to gain "true insight" into their lives. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone who truly desires to heal."  Marian Frances/Ottawa

"Cheryl is such a compassionate and empathetic healer who provides a safe and nurturing space for her sessions. Her intuition is always on the mark as to what needs to be worked on. After a session, you leave feeling more relaxed, lighter and issues you worked on are dissolved. Cheryl gives very practical "homework" to continue to heal the issue. I would highly recommend Cheryl. I have the utmost respect for her intuitive abilities, her energy therapy work and counseling."


"I am aware that this is a process of my letting go and cleansing, but "WOW" I never realized how much damage I have inflicked upon myself and that I have been merely existing. So I am staying quiet for a while, working on my ideas... looking forward to my next Journey. I am so excited that, finally, I see the light coming into my life and am truly starting to Love and meet the new Me... and I also have the feeling of going somewhere with excitement and Love. Thank you so much for coming into my life Cheryl."  Melodie/Gatineau

"I worked with Cheryl in Intuitive Energy Therapy and Counselling for over 2 years. It was shocking to hear some of the things that would come out through our sessions; things that I did not necessarily perceive myself on a conscious level but that made so much sense and resonated deeply. I always looked forward to our sessions and experienced improvements on so many levels."  Lee/Ottawa

"My intuitive energy sessions with Cheryl gave me needed insight about some of the major events of my life. Cheryl very graciously and compassionately guided me through energy clearings that awakened my sense of connectedness with the Divine, and helped me to move my life forward more freely and with authenticity."  Elsebeth/Gatineau

"I am ever grateful for Cheryl's insights and for feedback during the reiki and intuitive sessions that I've had with her. Many times I have arrived confused and ungrounded, completely unsettled, and Cheryl's intuitive sessions have helped me get to the root of what's troubling me, and help me clear those cluttered areas in my life and see issues for what they are, with a less anxious and stressed out perspective."  Stacey/Ottawa

"I have been a student and client of Cheryl for many years now. When I think of the varied roles that Cheryl has taken in accompanying me on my spiritual path, many words come to mind: guide, teacher, inspirer, coach, conduit, catalyst, interpreter... Her teachings are well researched and grounded in the principles of Reiki and in the science of Energy Work. 
Her teachings and energy work have been transformational in my life, both spiritually and physically. Just as I am on the threshold of a new awareness and loving way of being, a new door opens and the next chapter of my spiritual path unfolds. Thus, each new phase of my journey begins. 
From Cheryl's teachings I've learned that intentions and acts based on the principles of goodness and love are self-propelling and perpetuate to create universal miracles."

Ginette/Greater Ottawa Area

"I have had the opportunity to work with Cheryl during her Love and Light Workshops, Reiki sessions and training, Intuitive Development Workshops and her Intuitive Energy Therapy Counseling sessions. She is a truly devoted, kind-hearted, gifted healer and wonderful teacher. Her heart is filled with compassion and surrender. She believes in making a difference in the world by helping others to open their heart and by expanding their consciousness/awareness. I respect her work greatly and would recommend her therapies and teachings to anyone who is willing to explore their true spiritual nature and who is seeking to become happy and peaceful in their being."   Denyse/Gatineau

"Working with Cheryl gives me the balance, groundedness and perspective that I need to continue growing in all aspects of my life. After a session with Cheryl I notice a shift in me and a refocusing on what is truly important."   Maureen/Kanata

"The Intuitive Energy Therapy Sessions have helped me to heal my physical body, heart, mind and soul in a gentle and personal way. Each session brought forward different blockages that needed to be addressed at that particular time." Stephanie/Ottawa