INSPIRATION​  Through inspiration you can aspire to greater wisdom and compassion for you and the world around you.  Discover the loving-all-potential-full-consciousness within and notice how loved you feel and how much easier life can be.

All of us have great wisdom and healing potential within.

Professional History

Pir Nur

(Cheryl Jiala Driskell)

​​Pir Nur un Nissa (Cheryl Jiala Driskell) - is a Sufi Teacher/Counselor, 

Spiritual Wisdom Teacher, Registered Integrative Naturotherapist,

Workshop Leader and Author

Personal Development

Through Pir Nur-Cheryl's unique Sufi Heart Whispering work you will be guided to release the veils of unawareness and suffering while releasing yourself from old patterns that have kept you stuck and out of life's flow.

Pir Nur (CHeryl Jiala Driskell) ​is a sufi teacher/Counselor & Wisdom Teacher 

living near wakefield QC Canada

Self-Mastery   No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. Pir Nur-Cheryl will devote her time with you discovering your greater light and commitment to you, going into your essential nature with love and fearlessness.

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​"After 34+ years of spiritual studies, I have manifested a surrendered state to source love and light.  In this opening, guidance is given to support how I proceed with each client/student to help them manifest their chosen outcome, be it improved health, happiness, compassion, improved relationships, intuitive awareness, spiritual awakening, love or wisdom. 

     My work with you will be a journey of self-discovery, releasing of stuck and lower energies, while advancing your personal awareness/consciousness and allowing your body to re-balance, your mind to clear and your heart to surrender to greater health, love and light. "

​​2021 Intuitive Development Workshops

2020-21 Anxiety and Stress Management Workshops with Government/Corporations.

2019 - Present  Meditation with Horses - Meditation Trainer - bringing people and horses together for improved health and happiness.  

2017 - Present  Founder/Owner of Animal Reiki World

2014- Present  Founder of the Ultimate Resilience Program for Stress, Anxiety, Panic & Avoidance Behaviour Management

2012 -  Present  Founder/Owner of The Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development

2012 - Present  Registered Integrative Naturotherapist R.I.N.

2005 - 2018 - Author of 4 books, to be found on her home page.  Her 5th book, The Seeker, is in the works right now.

2005 - 2006 - Co-founder of the Northern, Central and Eastern Canadian office of the Australian Friends for Life Program for Emotional Resilience in Children and Youth

2004 - Present - Private Practice as Wisdom Teacher/Healer

2001 - Present - Workshop Leader:  Meditation with Horses, Resilience Training-Releasing Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Avoidance, Heart Light Healing & Wisdom Workshops, Be In Your Heart - Be That Change, All Reiki Levels and Unveiling the Heart - Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher and Healer

1995 - 2004 - Founder and Executive Director of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario

2001-2003 - Co-founder and First Program Director of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada

1998 - 2020 - Reiki Development and Teaching

1993- Graduate of Carleton University - B.A. in Canadian and American History

1987 - Present -  33+ years of Study and Practical Psychological-Spiritual Sufi Training

Hobbies - Song-Writing, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Sculpting, Painting, Equine, Dog and Chicken Adventures, Wood-Working, Interior Design, Salsa Dancing and more... 

Goals- To establish a Sufi Spiritual Centre in LaPeche area of Quebec/Near Wakefield for all to visit and further the spiritual opening of their heart to bring light, compassion and acts of service to all.