With Cheryl Jiala Driskell - Registered Integrative Naturotherapist, Author, Spiritual Wisdom Teacher

​& Sufi Healer

Intuitive Counseling and Energy Therapy

  • ​​Men's Weekend Workshop in Wakefield, October 5th and 6th, 2019 9am-5pm  Hello Gentle Men!  You are invited to a fascinating workshop for men,developed by Pir Cheryl Jiala Driskell, author of the Warrior's Guide to Resilience and Be In Your Heart, Be That Change!  Together we will explore our spiritual/emotional safety and security here on earth, our willingness to aspire, the heart of our compassion and our capacity to feel comfortable in its expression.  We will learn how to be present to our Heart, which carries our fears and our truth.  Finally, we will celebrate each other as individuals who took millennia to create and are so worth noticing their own deeper being. Please reach out and call or email Pir Jiala to reserve your space at 819.328.9128 or cdriskell333@gmail.com  Lunches will be included. 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. $285

   Men's Retreat Fee $285

  • Women's Retreat October 18th - 20th 2019- Join Cheryl for a marvelous FALL experience in Wakefield Qc, a special space to view the leaves turning colour! Two nights - starting on a Friday. Our first evening together will be one of spiritual awareness and consciousness, in discussion about your Inner Wisdom and how to cultivate a relationship with it, following the Path of the Heart. You will receive two lunches and evening meals, prepared for you by Chef Tara from Ottawa (Cheryl will provide breakfasts). Each evening we will sit by an indoor or outdoor fire and learn even more. This event will be one of profound self-discovery and awakening. It is going to be quite an adventure! Private Sessions with Cheryl are available for 1 hr during the weekend - please speak with her about booking this in advance. Only $375 (shared space) for the weekend. There are 3 private rooms ($425) Please call or email Cheryl to book your space, 819-328-9128 or send her an email to cdriskell333@gmail.com

   $375 shared accomodation                                           $425 Private Room

  • Women's Retreat - April 12th-14th 2019 - This event was a GREAT SUCCESS! ​  "This was truly a magical weekend!! Cheryl has so much wisdom to share I have never experienced anything like it!​" M.  Join Cheryl and other marvelous women for a weekend of self-understanding, spiritual awakening, silence and contemplation. We will follow a gentle process, beginning with an evening meal and spiritual discussion. Followed by chat around a fire! This event is to be an experience of self expansion, providing love, acceptance and compassion for you and those around you. It is going to be fulfilling and fun!  Meals included, (a Chef from Ottawa will be joining us).  Call Cheryl to book your space, 819-328-9128 or send her an email to cdriskell333@gmail.com 
  • ​​​​Meditation With Horses - a marvelous time to connect with horses. Available in Low, QC, near to Wakefield.  To see more, please look here.   http://www.animalreikiworld.com/workshops.html        Animal and Equine Reiki Trainings are also available.  
  • Heart Light Workshops!   Follow What is Light and Bright

"Cheryl's course felt like returning home to my spirituality after a long time away.  I learned and grew so much in 2 days it's amazing.  More than a month later and I am still going through my notebook and finding new nuggets of wisdom to help and inspire me.  The techniques she taught are very powerful and I've seen transformation already from only a short time practicing."  Jenn Kibbee

There is so much loving light energy around us at all times.  It is there as a positive reinforcement, a healing agent, a guide/higher wisdom from within and as a feeling of absolute safety and security.

Where does this comes from, what are the many ways we can draw this to us and how can we keep the light bright!?

Learn to open your heart and feel the love and light that pours through.  Feel the awakening that arises through you and allow your suffering to be release with ease.  Feel free to contact Cheryl for further information.

$325 as a two day workshop in a group setting (your space with 5 or more students or a private space, in or near, Ottawa, ON or Wakefield, QC)

Training for Community, Corporate and Government Groups

The Resilience BOOTCAMP!

Health and Well-Being is Resilience in the Workplace/Reducing Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Avoidance

Cheryl Jiala Driskell is the author of the Responsive Warrior's Guide to Resilience book.  It is also a training that can be delivered to groups with ease. This training took years to develop and is presented in a two full day workshop or in a way that suits the needs of group.  This training can be extended to a week with request.

Cheryl is the founder of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario and Co-Founder of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada.  Within her work she developed the greater part of a manual, researched by the University of Ottawa to be 85% successful in the reduction of Anxiety, Panic and Avoidance Behaviours (85% is the expected rate).  This program is structured accordingly using the accepted protocols while also keeping things fun and upbeat!  There are additional areas of study within the RESILIENCE BOOTCAMP process that have been making even greater dents in the personal fears and worries carried specifically by people living busy lives at home and work.

Within this course you will discover many things such as:

  • How to move the mountains you need to and keep on smiling!
  • The difference between stress and anxiety
  • Lightening up the perspectives on worry, stress, anxiety, panic and avoidance
  • Two really helpful first support tools for everyday living
  • The 11 strengthening messages of the warrior of resilience 
  • Energy Nutrition has Powerful Impact!
  • Common undiagnosed allergies and sensitivities that can increase fatigue, anxiety, panic, etc.
  • Simple remedies that can alter how you feel dramatically
  • The Mighty Coherence process vs. everyday Relaxation
  • Why emotional intelligence rocks and why it doesn't always work for us
  • The 3 life motivators that will change your world-view forever
  • The underlying rules and unconscious beliefs we follow
  • Releasing difficult emotions with the best techniques available
  • Turning avoidance into fearless action
  • How to reduce the thoughts and body sensations that take over
  • Communicating from your heart
  • Fearlessness and compassion
  • Setting healthy and effective boundaries
  • The Swinging Pendulum
  • The Halo Light Technique
  • Accepting Your Mirrors from others with greater ease
  • Helping you feel confident and happy in everyday situations
  • and so much more...

Please contact Cheryl if you would like to book her for your group training.


  • Personal Esoteric Spiritual Development

Join Cheryl Jiala on a personal journey of unfolding your own esoteric spiritual path!  18-20 private sessions over 9-10 months where you will learn everything you need to begin and/or see through the path of spiritual self-mastery.  All students are welcomed at any level of awareness.

The teachings will follow you and guide you along your path, so no training program is exactly the same.

This is an amazing journey for the spiritual student on a path of truth, the heart, love and compassion.

If you are truly devoted to a process of loving unfoldment, please contact Cheryl. 

  • Unveiling the Heart - Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher and Healer

Your greatest guide is working through you and also within you.  It knows exactly the path you can tread most abundantly and safely.  Follow the gateway to an awakened path while working with your spiritual nature and body to live a healthier and more fulfilled life. This is path is incredibly supportive for people who are seekers on a spiritual path or who need that extra physical or emotional/mental healing to feel great in life.  

$325 for your two day workshop  (your space with 5 or more students or a private space in Ottawa, ON, or Wakefield, QC)

  • Be In Your Heart - Be That Change 

Cheryl has placed this training online and it is accessible here!

Based on the teachings from her book of the same name.

This course has been greatly appreciated by numerous students.

  • Reiki Classes 

Please note that trainings vary from teacher to teacher and as such I am welcoming students who are serious about their Reiki training. My courses are in-depth and intensive and are meant for those students who truly wish to understand the depth of their healing potential and why the universe works the way it does.  They are fun and exciting as well!  So consider learning from someone with 20 years of experience who practices her work all the time.  

Level I is $275 available in a group or $360 as an individual training.   
Level II is $275 available in a group or $360 as an individual training.
Levels III & IV are $700 ($140 x 5) for 5 private sessions/lectures and $80 for the final practical and written exams.

Level I Reiki teaches the fundamentals of this practice for treating yourself, friends and family.
Available in a group or through individual training.  You will learn everything from a chair reiki, offering a full table session and working on yourself. You will learn to feel and understand the Reiki energy.  Your whole being will light up with the energy and you will be forever grateful that you brought Reiki into your life!

Level II Reiki teaches the Reiki symbols to increase your Reiki flow. Body scanning, healing theories, chakra and aura paradigms are also included.
Available in a group or through individual training.

Level III prepares the trainee to be a clearer channel of the Reiki. The trainee will learn how to: provide a chakra balancing, deepen their awareness of human anatomy, understand two new symbols, how to give Reiki attunements and will receive five Reiki treatments with the intention to improve their Reiki flow. There will also be additional academic materials provided each week over a period of 5 weeks, with a final 6th week for the practical and written exams.

Level IV trainees are required to develop their own Level I and II training programs with the full support of their teacher. Students must have passed their Level III exam with Cheryl to receive her Level IV Master Teacher Level.