Tuesday Evenings, August 3rd to 31st 2021 

​​Pir Nur un Nissa (Cheryl Jiala Driskell) - is a Sufi Teacher/Counselor, 

Spiritual Wisdom Teacher, Registered Integrative Naturotherapist,

Workshop Leader and Author


  • AUGUST 2021: Cheryl Jiala Driskell has agreed to offer INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT trainings, Levels I and II, with the Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development. Certificates are provided through the school.

5 Weeknights - AUGUST 3rd to 31st 2021 - Tuesday evenings from 7:30 - 9pm

She will be LIVE each week on ZOOM!

Cheryl is the Author of Awakening Through Insight Intuition and 3 other books. She has not provided a live zoom Intuitive training through the CSNSD before.
She will help you uncover the doorways into deepening your Intuitive Nature. You will also learn how to use your intuition in the environments that give you meaning and you will come to see, hear and feel how Intuition offers you order, awakening, a journey of compassion and ongoing abundance.  This 5 week training is $365.

"This will be a wonderful class!  I have usually taught this course in person.  It has always been a lot of fun for everyone."

Please sign-up here:

Or you can send an e-transfer to cdriskell333@gmail.com. 

Cheryl will write you soon after with further details.

  • SEPTEMBER 2021: Online ZOOM training in STRESS and ANXIETY Management!

​Join Cheryl, who is the author of The Warrior's Guide to Resilience, for 4 weeks of fabulous support and insights to reducing your stress and anxiety so you can have a more happy and peaceful life journey!   Cheryl will offer you a program, qualitatively backed by a previous study. 

Learn the marvelous practices that help us reduce stress and anxiety while also leading us to better understand our own power and strength in making our life successful and meaningful.  Find that happiness within you and experience a lot more peace in daily life!

4 Weeknights - Tuesdays from September 14th to October 5th, 7:00 - 8:30pm.

Everything you need is already within you!  Take a little time to notice and draw through the great skills you already have access to.

This 4 week course is $285/person.

"I have already taught this course 3 times these past 7 months.  It is a great experience of growth for anyone!  I have enjoyed teaching it immensely."

Please sign-up here: 

Or you can send an e-transfer to cdriskell333@gmail.com.
Cheryl will write you soon after with further details.

  • ​​​​​Corporate or Government Stress and Anxiety Management Presentations and Workshops. Cheryl will offer a 1.5 hour presentation/question period about Stress and Anxiety and the main themes over-riding both experience.

Thereafter, any employees interested in this area of discourse and the marvelous insights that can more easily help support a release and transmutation of the stress and anxiety experiences common to work-life, can sign up for Cheryl's 5 week training.  These presentations are $200/person for 1.5 hrs each week over 5 weeks.  

​"I really enjoy the active portions, like doing the breathing with us. Thank you! I really appreciated your overall style! Very quick at pinpointing the core of the subject for a person to work on. Will miss our meetings." Testimonial

In this training, individuals will learn:
*Scientifically backed practices for altering their heart rate and brain waves to experience 'coherence'.
*Motivational ideas to help alter life perceptions
* Ways to change thoughts and alter feelings with ease
* Awareness as to one's sensitivity to the world around them and how to work with this
* Working with colleagues in a way that reduces stress or anxiety
and so much more...

Please email or call to book your group training.


  • Coming in 2022   A Weekend Workshop in Wakefield!     

"The Seeker - Walking Towards the ONE"                                                                    This is a marvelous 2 full day and 2 night retreat with a group of women to share your spiritual awakenings with!  Discussions include:                                                                                         

The Journey of the Seeker- Revelations Uncommonly Shared
Universal Understandings                                                                                                 

Yes, Happiness Matters!

Fun and Loving Discussion

Times of Silence

Fireside Chat
6 meals 

                                                                                                                                   For the first time, Cheryl will share teachings from her new book, The SEEKER - Walking Towards the ONE! Due to be released in 2021 or 2022. Each of us will have time for discussion, great meals and moments of silence & contemplation.  There will be a roaring fire going all weekend and many spiritual understandings to contemplate.  The weekend is $385 all included and only $425 if you want a private room.  A $50 deposit can be transferred to cdriskell333@gmail.com, no password necessary.  There are 8 seats available.

Previous Workshops and Returning Trainings


  • This was a very fun and fascinating adventure! A Fabulous Workshop with Cheryl Jiala Driskell "For Seekers of Healing Skills and SPIRITUAL Development!" - Join Cheryl for a marvelous Fall experience in Wakefield Qc.  One and a half days of training! This workshop will bring you into the center of your highest wisdom so you can begin exploring your divine spiritual being in a safe place, using a refined process, developed over centuries by the Sufis. Cheryl is the only teacher offering this training or anything similar to it in Canada. Beginning 9am-5pm on Saturday November 16th and from 9am-1pm on Sunday November 17th, 2019. This is a special opportunity!  The fee is $285 and can be paid in installments if necessary. Please speak with Cheryl for further details.  She is easily reached on Facebook.  You can also try to text or call at 819-328-9128.

  • Women's Retreat - April 12th-14th 2019 - This event was a GREAT SUCCESS! ​  "This was truly a magical weekend!! Cheryl has so much wisdom to share I have never experienced anything like it!​" M.  Join Cheryl and other marvelous women for a weekend of self-understanding, spiritual awakening, silence and contemplation. We will follow a gentle process, beginning with an evening meal and spiritual discussion. Followed by chat around a fire! This event is to be an experience of self expansion, providing love, acceptance and compassion for you and those around you. It is going to be fulfilling and fun!  Meals included, (a Chef from Ottawa will be joining us).  Call Cheryl to book your space, 819-328-9128 or send her an email to cdriskell333@gmail.com 
  • ​​​​Meditation With Horses - a marvelous time to connect with horses. Available in Low, QC, near to Wakefield.  To see more, please look here.                                                    Coming again 2022!                                                                                        http://www.animalreikiworld.com/workshops.html                                                                      Animal and Equine Reiki Trainings are also available.  
  • Heart Light Workshops!   Follow What is Light and Bright

"Cheryl's course felt like returning home to my spirituality after a long time away.  I learned and grew so much in 2 days it's amazing.  More than a month later and I am still going through my notebook and finding new nuggets of wisdom to help and inspire me.  The techniques she taught are very powerful and I've seen transformation already from only a short time practicing."  Jenn Kibbee

There is so much loving light energy around us at all times.  It is there as a positive reinforcement, a healing agent, a guide/higher wisdom from within and as a feeling of absolute safety and security.

Where does this comes from, what are the many ways we can draw this to us and how can we keep the light bright!?

Learn to open your heart and feel the love and light that pours through.  Feel the awakening that arises through you and allow your suffering to be release with ease.  Feel free to contact Cheryl for further information.

$385 as a two day workshop in a group setting (your space with 5 or more students or a private space, in or near, Ottawa, ON or Wakefield, QC)

  • Personal Spiritual Development

As a Sufi Teacher, Cheryl Jiala welcomes you on a personal journey of unfolding your own spiritual path! You can take a series of private sessions over a year of healthy, positive study, where you will learn the keys that contribute to a loving spiritual path of 'self'-mastery.  All students are welcomed at any level of awareness.

The teachings will follow you and guide you along your path, so no training program is exactly the same.

This is an amazing journey for the spiritual student on a path of truth, the heart, love and compassion. 

If you are truly devoted to a process of loving unfoldment, please contact Cheryl. 

  • Unveiling the Heart - Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher ​             and Healer

Your greatest guide is working through you and also within you.  It knows exactly the path you can tread most abundantly and safely.  Follow the gateway to an awakened path while working with your spiritual nature and body to live a healthier and more fulfilled life. This is path is incredibly supportive for people who are seekers on a spiritual path or who need that extra physical or emotional/mental healing to feel great in life.  

$385 for your two day workshop  (your space with 5 or more students or a private space in Ottawa, ON, or Wakefield, QC)

  • Be In Your Heart - Be That Change 

Cheryl has placed this training online and it is accessible here!

Based on the teachings from her book of the same name.

This course has been greatly appreciated by numerous students.